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Hey there. Thanks for coming. Feel free to browse around, got some latest happenings down below, plus downloads, shows, some words about me and more. Enjoy.

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  • Edinburgh & Soho
    Edinburgh & Soho

    The last month has been full-on. Edinburgh was everything I could’ve imagined (plus a killer flu), and the gigs at the Soho Theatre have been awesome. I got nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award which definitely made the killer flu worth it. I’ll be on the TV back in Australia pretty...

  • Awards, Roadshow & Edinburgh
    Awards, Roadshow & Edinburgh

    We won! Best of the Fest (Local) at the Sydney Comedy Festival 2013. We spent the night popping bottles and pretending we were in a low-budget hip-hop video. I’ve just spent the last 4 weeks on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow. So excellent. In Canberra, Jordan from Axis of Awesome taught us...

  • Sydney Comedy Festival

    There is a wasp in my loungeroom and it doesn’t seem to want to leave. I really don’t know what to do about it. I’m keeping the door open so that it flies out, but I’m starting to get paranoid that it’s just going to call its mates and...

  • Still Broke

    It’s the second day of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival , and it’s been so freaking awesome. Triple J‘s Good Az Friday was dope as, and I’m seriously looking forward to hosting the RAW grand final in a couple of weeks. I made this film clip for one of...


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Matt Okine shared Felicity Huffman's photo.

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Melbourne! You only have one week left to see my show and there's not many tix left:

Posted 1 week, 3 days ago

I used to skate every afternoon. Not like this though. I would lose my shit if I landed a 180 flip. This guy probably does Nollie Laser flips in his sleep.

Directed, Filmed and Edited: Made in Collaboration with: Music: http://AdventuresInYou...

Posted 2 weeks ago